Ryan Rasheed

Born and raised in the heart of Atlanta, Ryan Rasheed gravitated to the sounds of early electro, hip hop and Southern bass music as an 80’s kid obsessed with all things deemed futuristic. As a teenager he began DJ’ing and gaining notoriety for his genre bending sets that not only moved the crowd but educated them as well. Ryan would later go on to become the tour DJ for Warp Record’s leftfield beatsmith Prefuse 73, beginning a collaborative relationship that would last well over a decade. This opportunity would soon throw Ryan head first into the world of music production, as he began co-producing with Prefuse 73, while simultaneously releasing his own solo records under the name LebLaze. 

Ryan has maintained a busy DJ schedule in both NYC and Atlanta, successfully balancing his work in both artistic and commercial realms. He has played countless clubs throughout the world and shared the stage with a diverse mix of artists ranging from R.Stevie Moore to Aphex Twin. He has also flourished outside of clubs, playing private events for clients such as New York Magazine, Nike and MOMA and for four consecutive years he had the honor of DJ’ing the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C.